Thought I would take a moment and get you some feed back about your screed machine. Here in Indiana, been a little cold so had some time to do the things that should have been done this summer. Anyways, I contacted you about the screed machine early in the summer, and our crew kicked the idea around whether we needed it or if it would even perform. We finally decided to give it a whirl. The machine arrived the day before we were to start a 9000 lineal feet side walk pour for a city curb and sidewalk renovation. We put it together that night and had it on the job in the morning. First truck of 10 yards arrived at 7:00 A.M., by 7:20 we had 10 yards down, striked off, consolidated and closed off. Wow! Any ways we normally pour 30 yards a day in sidewalks, not bad for a four man crew, but by noon we had 30 yards on the ground. The driver was not able to unload as fast as we could strike it off. All said and done, less fatigue by the user, faster finish time, more controlled concrete. Even the ready mix company commented on the machine. Said it got their trucks in-service faster, which meant more concrete out the door for them that day! Time is Money!!
Again THANKS!!! for a great product. We did pour almost 3 miles of walk with it this summer, and still going strong.. Paid for itself the very first day!!

Jason Bales
JB Concrete Construction LLC

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