Concrete Screed Review

Jim ordered a TTI Screedright Pro early last summer and here is a short review of his experience with the one man power concrete screed.


I used the TTI power Screedright Pro to work 6500 sq ft of concrete. We tried to keep the concrete 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the bottom edge of the 2×4. We laid 8 ft x 83 ft and 10 ft x 83 ft strips inside the Morton Bldg. On the outside the door slabs were 20 ft x 30 ft. A 10 ft x 60 ft sidewalk was added to one side of the building. Their were three people and the Screedright that did the concrete work. The Screedright packed the concrete very well. A few times their were areas that we had to go over twice because the concrete was high in areas. Plastic tips were fabricated to fit on the ends of the 2×4’s used to decrease the ware on them. The Subaru engine worked great and started on the first pull. The throttle cable worked, but could be better. It would stick and needed to be adjusted quite often. The Screedright packed the concrete at 1/3 throttle speed very well and did a very nice job with all the concrete we had to pour. Working with concrete is a very hard job and you need that extra helping hand. The TTI Screedright Pro was a very good investment and it saved us time and labor hours. It was easy for one person to handle. Doing the work ourselves saved us thousands of dollars! Tom, I would like to see you develop an aluminum adjustable edge (length wise) besides using a 2×4. I am sending you pictures of the concrete work we did with your machine.

Jim K. South Dakota

Thanks for the pictures Jim… great building project!

Newest Concrete Screed Video

This video was sent in by Norman from Puerto Rico. Norman purchased two screeds a few months ago to use on a large road project his company was pouring in central Puerto Rico. We were excited to receive this video and loved how we were able to check out the TTI Screedright Pro in action thousands of miles away. It looks as if the concrete company formed up two very long strips of road and then poured each side in one long concrete pour. No doubt the concrete screed quickened the process along and alleviated wear and tear on the crew.
Because the TTI Screedright Pro utilizes a wooden 2 X 4, it can be easily shipped to most locations. Aluminum screed bars are costly to ship and often require special truck shipping. The TTI Screedright Pro ships in one box and comes ready to go. The operator has to attach the handle bar, add a wooden screed bar and add gas.
Another reason that the TTI Screedright Pro is a popular choice is that the owner can cut the screed bar to his desired length for each project. No need to carry around various sizes of screed bars. Thanks for sending in this video Norman!

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Tom and Karen Gabriel
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Do It Yourself America!

Stand up America! Do it yourself! Stop waiting for Obama, Oprah, whoever to bail you out! In a day and age where it seems we are lead to believe that the American dream will be handed to us if only we are on the right “reality show”…
I say: Here is a reality show for America!

Beauty’s got to start somewhere!

Concrete is used as a decorating accent in many of today’s homes and yards.  From flooring to outdoor art work, the unique qualities of concrete add to the homeowners experience.  It seems that decorative concrete is everywhere these days. It is no wonder that the concrete industry is leaning more and more into the “fashion” world! 

 Just try searching for a concrete contractor in your favorite search engine.  A whole host of companies pop up specializing in concrete decoration.  Let’s just call this type of work “Cinderella Concrete”… well… beauty has got to start somewhere!  I admire all of those “Fairy Godmother” contractors out there who can work their wonders with the slushy grey stuff! Have you ever seen concrete come out of a truck?

Of course you have, your reading this blog aren’t you:)!  At any rate, even Cinderella got her start by hanging out with the Step Sisters.  This blog will attempt to explore all aspects of the concrete industry.  My interest is peaked MOST by all of the media that is being generated toward contractors, homeowners and the like.  Websites, magazines, direct mailings, concrete training seminars (or as one guy calls it: demonars… I like that one). How is a guy (or a concrete gal) suppose to sift through all that “noise”?

 Well, like I said, beauty’s got to start somewhere! If you are the concrete contractor, it most certainly starts with the pulsing beep… beep… beep… and then, well, you know, out comes the slush!