Sealed Stamped Concrete

Here is an update to my previous post on stamped concrete. The concrete contractor added a colored seal to the edging of the new concrete driveway for a new construction home. The contractor also included a little landscaping in the new home package.

The first thing to consider when looking for a concrete sealer is to examine weather the sealer will be applied indoors or outdoors.  For this project, the contractor was looking for a product specific for outdoor use.  Your product should have good UV resistance and also be waterproof.    Usually an area like this gets a lot of foot and vehicle traffic and the new homeowner should consider applying a new coating every couple of years or so.

Build Your Own House (using a TTI Screedright Pro)!

Some of you who follow our other blog,, may have notice a feature called “Do It Yourself Home Building“.  This story is based on emails received from Tom’s brother-in-law who is building his own home, green house and workshop in a town in northern Wyoming.  Chip, his wife Peg, and their two children have literally built these structures from the ground up.  We were there for a couple of days this summer and were amazed at their progress.  I took several pictures of their home, and shop area as well as some of the landscaping they have started in the yard.

They designed and built the home and shop area with sustainable concrete in mind.  All the floors are colored and stamped concrete.  The outside entertaining area is comprised of an outdoor concrete kitchen, stamped concrete patio and a fire pit/ seating area.  The yard also has a beautiful and functional handmade rock river flowing through it.  River rocks sit on a bed of formed concrete.  A natural drainage ditch runs through the concrete/rock river to create a natural river rock sound, as well as serve as an irrigation source for the yard.

All of the floors  in the house and the greenhouse/shop/garage were struck off using the TTI Screedright Pro.  Chip and Peg also used the concrete screed to level off the sidewalks and driveways as well.

It is a job well done!

Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit

New Construction: To Stamp or Not to Stamp?

I try and take a walk pretty much everyday. I have noticed a couple of new homes going up in our neighborhood. These are fairly similar homes, although one is a bit more high end then the other. Both driveways were poured about the same time. On one house, the contractor decided to stamp the edges and accompanying sidewalk. The other house has a traditional non-stamped drive. The stamped driveway does take a little more time and money to complete. On a new construction, it shouldn’t take that much extra effort though.

The first few steps are basically the same.  Forming the slab and sidewalk with wooden or plastic forms.  The concrete is poured, screeded off and floated in the same manner as well.  If a concrete contractor is looking to add extra decorative design, he or she will allow the concrete to dry just enough to be able to apply the concrete stamp.  At this point, the contractor can apply color if desired.  The stamp is usually a small rubber  form that lays over the concrete and is moved around to form a pattern.

More and more homeowners are adding a stamped design to their new construction as a way to spruce up the look of their landscaping.  What do you think?  Do you like the stamped look or a more traditional concrete flat work?

Concrete Guys Wherever You Go!

While taking a short trip to northern New Mexico we couldn’t help but stop at a little place called the “Lone Pine Trading Post” in Tres Piedras. In fact, aside from the closed Pink School House, the Lone Pine was the only place to stop. We were glad we did. Aside from a great home made lunch out of the small building erected there, more on the lunch later, we had good conversation with three guys who just completed a morning of concrete.

They poured 40 yards by hand and were ready to hit the local gathering place for a guacamole burger and some fresh lays. Debbie and Gil were happy to accommodate. The minute we exited our truck and wandered through the make shift flee market we felt right at home. Debbie was in her apron ready to whip up a quick lunch and the guys simply had to let her know they were there and she seemed to know exactly what they might order.
As we sat under the high desert sun, conversation was easily struck. Of course, Karen tried to sell them a concrete screed, to make their next job a little easier. But it was discovered this was a do it yourself job. We did pass off a few business cards to give to friends who were in the concrete business.

At any rate, if any out there are passing through New Mexico, be sure and stop at The Lone Pine. Great food, friendly conversation and we even discovered that the little cowboy who made it to Hollywood on American Idol, Garrett from Wyoming, sometimes works there!

TTI Screed Map Update


Just a quick update on my “election day” blog. We have added three more *new* states to the map. Of course… the offer still applies for those states who have not yet joined the TTI family! If we have not shipped a screed to your state yet; LA, MS, TN, WV, VT, ME & CT… give us a call and mention the blog… receive FREE shipping:)!

Trade Tool Innovations visits Triton Marine Construction

I finally put a video together of our stop-in to see Steve at Triton Marine Construction in Oahu Hawaii. Triton Marine purchased two concrete screeds to use for their company. After shipping them UPS to Hawaii, Steve and crew retrofitted the screed to meet their need. They work on the famous “Cam Highway” on Oahu by repairing the concrete decking. Steve told us that they use a fast drying quick lay concrete to patch up spots on the highway and then use the TTI Screedright Pro to strike off the wet concrete. The concrete screed is a big help in expediting fast, flat concrete pours like the highway decking repair in Hawaii.
Triton Marine extended the handle bars on the TTI Screedright Pro to reach across the highway. Triton Marine also modified the screed to accept a true 2″ X 4″ magnesium screed bar.
The damaged highway decking is first sprayed with a high power stream of water that leaves the steel reinforcement exposed. The area is then filled with concrete and struck off with the concrete screed. The process is so efficient that the repaired stretch of highway is ready for traffic in a matter of hours.
We had a great trip and one of the highlights was certainly seeing the screed on the job site! Mahalo Steve and Triton Marine!

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Tom and Karen Gabriel
Trade Tool Innovations

Do It Yourself America!

Stand up America! Do it yourself! Stop waiting for Obama, Oprah, whoever to bail you out! In a day and age where it seems we are lead to believe that the American dream will be handed to us if only we are on the right “reality show”…
I say: Here is a reality show for America!

JB Concrete Construction Concrete Screed Review


Here is a recent email we received from Jason Bales of JB Concrete Construction. Thanks for the great feedback Jason!

Thought I would take a moment and get you some feed back about your screed machine. Here in Indiana, been a little cold so had some time to do the things that should have been done this summer. Anyways, I contacted you about the screed machine early in the summer, and our crew kicked the idea around whether we needed it or if it would even perform. We finally decided to give it a whirl. The machine arrived the day before we were to start a 9000 lineal feet side walk pour for a city curb and sidewalk renovation. We put it together that night and had it on the job in the morning. First truck of 10 yards arrived at 7:00 A.M., by 7:20 we had 10 yards down, striked off, consolidated and closed off. Wow! Any ways we normally pour 30 yards a day in sidewalks, not bad for a four man crew, but by noon we had 30 yards on the ground. The driver was not able to unload as fast as we could strike it off. All said and done, less fatigue by the user, faster finish time, more controlled concrete. Even the ready mix company commented on the machine. Said it got their trucks in-service faster, which meant more concrete out the door for them that day! Time is Money!!
Again THANKS!!! for a great product. We did pour almost 3 miles of walk with it this summer, and still going strong.. Paid for itself the very first day!!

Jason Bales
JB Concrete Construction LLC