Concrete Screed FAQ

Q. Why use a gas powered vibrating concrete screed?

Allows a smaller crew to pour more concrete in less time.
The use of a vibrating screed allows better quality slab.
Concrete consolidation is increased by removing more air pockets from the concrete mix.
Concrete can be poured stiffer, increasing the strength of the concrete mix.
Paste is worked to the top of the slab and distributed, making the finished job easier, especially at edges of the slab which tend to be drier.
Allows additional time for the finishing and shorter unloading times.

Q. What are the advantages of a wood screed over a magnesium screed?

  • Cost of screed is much less.
  • Magnesium screeds used on vibrating machines tend to seal the slab, which does not bleed all water to surface; this can lead to concrete defects such as crazing, dusting or scaling.
  • Wood screed can be cut to form valley gutters, crown on a driveway etc.
  • Wood screeds can be cut to any length to fit the job’s needs.
  • Aluminum screed boards longer than 9 feet must be shipped by truck.
  • The TTI Screedright Pro can utilize a 2″X4″ or 2″X6″ wooden screed board.

Q. How long can the screed bar be?

We recommend no longer then 14 feet.

Q. How much does the screed weigh?

The TTI Screedright Pro weighs about 55 lbs (without a screed board attached). It can easily be moved from place to place by one person.

Q. How does the TTI Screedright Pro work?

Our heavy-duty screed is designed to ride on forms or existing concrete. The weight of the machine (55 lbs.) keeps concrete struck off at the desired level. Use lower slump mixtures to produce high strength concrete. Our screed provides better consolidation and butters the surface for a quicker finish.

Q. How can I purchase a TTI Screedright Pro?

Trade Tool Innovations manufactures and boxes up each concrete screed at our location in Laramie Wyoming. Your new screed will be sent directly to you from our shop. There is no “dealer” middleman. If ever you have questions or need replacement parts, please contact us directly at 307-745-9488 or order online by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Concrete Screed FAQ

  1. Robert Carrier says:

    I’m interested in purchasing a vibrating screed, send models & prices, I live in Canada

  2. Hi Robert,
    We sell the TTI Screedright Pro for $1486. I will email you for your address to estimate shipping prices. Thanks for your interest. Karen

  3. fred kennett says:

    I am going to pour a 5 in. slab with Pex tubing for heating and I want to place the tubing in the upper 2 inches. I also plan to leave the concrete as the surface for the floor. What slump would you recommend with your machine?

  4. Depends on the width of the pour. A 4″ slump in manageable, but the less slump you have makes stronger concrete and less shrinkage (cracks). Thanks for your question!

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