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Trade Tool Innovations introduces the TTI Screedright Pro;
A versatile and cost saving power screed manufactured and shipped directly from their shop to yours! Trade Tool Innovations (TTI), a Wyoming based company run by Tom and Karen Gabriel, specializes in the design and manufacturing of specialty tools for professional contractors. The latest addition to the TTI product line is the Screedright Pro, an essential tool when finishing concrete jobs of all sizes.

Developed from nearly three decades of concrete work, the TTI Screedright Pro uses an innovative design feature which allows for a single 2”x 4” to replace costly metal screed bars. In addition, the TTI Screedright Pro is flexible enough for operation by an individual worker, allowing everyone from a small family-run operation, to a large contractor, to save money on critical manpower and time.

“I have been helping my dad pour concrete for as long as I can remember. After spending much of that time on the end of a screed bar, I figured there must be a better way.” said TTI President and screed designer Tom Gabriel.

The lightweight all steel design utilizes a wooden screed board. A 4-stroke engine vibrates the screed board to settle unwanted air pockets from the slab.

“Most concrete contractors still like to use a wooden board because the board allows the water content in the concrete to bleed to the surface. This tends to eliminate concrete defects such as spalling or scaling,” continued Tom.

Trade Tool Innovations fills a unique nitch that has long been forgotten in the tool industry. While most manufacturers have gone the way of “dealers”, TTI provides quality tools with a personal touch. Each screed is built, boxed, sold, and shipped from TTI’s shop location in Laramie, Wyoming.

“We take each screed seriously, because we know there is a lot of hard work and pride that goes into each pour. We built the TTI Pro to last through generations of jobs. One of the things Tom and I discussed as we began our company was the need to stay directly involved with our product,” said Karen “We are thrilled when we get a phone call from a contractor, big or small, telling us that it has saved them time and money.”

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